WalletConnect: How do I initiate and sign transactions

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WalletConnect is a powerful protocol that enables phone applications like LOBSTR to connect with other platforms using QR code scanning or deep linking. 

Once you're logged in to StellarTerm via WalletConnect, you can safely use your WalletConnect-compatible app to sign transactions, all without your Private Key ever leaving the mobile app.

We recommend LOBSTR mobile app to log in with WalletConnect in StellarTerm. 

1. Make sure you are logged in to StellarTerm using the WalletConnect option. 

If you are not logged in to StellarTerm yet, the guide for how to do this can be found here.

If you have already had an active connection established, open the WalletConnect screen in LOBSTR app to view the list of your active connections.

2. Once you’ve connected the LOBSTR app to StellarTerm, you will need to stay on the WalletConnect screen to receive signature requests you initiate in StellarTerm. 

If you move from the WalletConnect screen to another part of the LOBSTR app, you will need to navigate back to it to receive requests and sign any transactions you submit. Just open the LOBSTR app on your mobile device and Navigate to the ≡ icon in the top left corner, click Settings, then choose WalletConnect from the menu.

3. Use StellarTerm as you normally would to initiate a transaction

As with other login methods, you can perform any actions in StellarTerm when you log in with WalletConnect. For example, you can create a payment and start the process of submitting it to the network when using StellarTerm.

4. Confirm or reject a transaction in LOBSTR app. 

The signature request will appear in LOBSTR app. Review all the details inside of LOBSTR and decide to either Reject or Confirm the transaction you submitted.

If you Reject, the transaction will be aborted. If you Confirm, the transaction will be submitted to the network.

It’s that simple to sign transactions securely and safely, all from the WalletConnect-compatible app, like LOBSTR. Using WalletConnect means there is no need to type or copy and paste your Private Keys into a service or connect a hardware device, making it an easier and safer option to use the platform.

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