How to create a Stellar account with StellarTerm?

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StellarTerm is an open-source client for the Stellar network that helps you manage your Stellar account.

It is very easy to create a Stellar account (wallet) with StellarTerm. It is also free of charge.

To generate a Stellar wallet, click on the 'New account' button on the StellarTerm website -> press 'Generate new Stellar account' on the following page.

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Follow this guide to create and activate a Stellar wallet with StellarTerm:

1. After clicking on the 'Generate new Stellar account' button, a new unique keypair will be created for you, which represents the public and secret keys of your Stellar account.

You can generate another keypair if you don't like the provided one. Just click on 'Generate another keypair' as shown on the screenshot below.


Please pay attention that using a secure random number generation does not protect you from a compromised computer. Take great care to make sure your computer is secure and do not run this on a computer you do not trust.

2. To proceed further, you will need to confirm that you have your secret key backed up by putting the tick in the required field and pressing the 'Continue' button.

The secret key is only shown to you once so it's important to back it up and store securely! 

If the key is lost, StellarTerm won't be able to help you recover it since StellarTerm does not save it. The secret key is stored in your browser and deleted once you refresh or leave the webpage.


3. Verify the secret key of your new Stellar account and accept StellarTerm's Terms of Use. 

Please note that the secret key won't be shown to you again.


4. To start using the newly created Stellar account, you will need to activate it by sending at least 5 lumens (XLM) to your account. 

You can purchase lumens using VISA or Mastercard through our partnership with MoonPay.

It is also possible to buy lumens (XLM) from an exchange and send them to your Stellar address, which is a 56-character string starting with an uppercase 'G' (your Public key) and can be found on the 'Account' page.

The transaction memo is not required to receive funds on StellarTerm, because StellarTerm generates unique addresses for all users. 

If the service that you are using to submit a transaction requires you to specify a memo, you can safely enter 'StellarTerm' there.


Once your balance is topped up, the Stellar account is activated and you can proceed with using StellarTerm.



A few words about Public and Secret keys:

Every Stellar account has a public and a secret key. 

Public key is used to identify an account and receive funds. It is also known as an account and will be used as your account ID.

Secret key is used to access your account and make transactions. Anyone knowing your secret key will have full access to your account and funds.


If you have any questions about something not covered here, please reach out to us at, we'll be happy to guide you!

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