Basics: How can I accept an asset on StellarTerm?

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StellarTerm users can receive, hold, send and trade any asset issued on the Stellar network.

All assets (with the exception of lumens) have:

  • Asset type: MOBI, USD or BTC;
  • Issuer: the account that created the asset (e.g. GCHI....JFMX). 

Entities that issue assets are called anchors. Each anchor has an issuing account from which it issues the asset. 

To receive and further manage an asset on the Stellar network, you will need to accept it first (establish a 'trustline').

There are a few ways you can accept an asset on StellarTerm: 

1. You can accept an asset from the list of the assets popular with the Stellar community 

To do so, open the 'Accept assets' tab in the 'Account', choose an asset on the suggested list and click the 'Accept' button.


2. Accept an asset by specifying the home domain

If you could not find the required asset on the Stellar community list, you can find it by entering the anchor's domain in the corresponding field on the 'Accept assets' page.

For example, you can enter to find all assets associated with this domain. 

3. Manually accept an asset

If you know the asset code (e.g. ETH) and the issuer account ID (e.g. GCNS...VV6P) of the asset you are looking for, you can accept this asset manually using the form at the bottom of the 'Accept assets' page.

When the asset is added, you will be able to manage it, e.g. trade, send, deposit/withdraw (available for certain assets), using the options provided under the 'Balances' tab of the 'Account' page.

Every asset you accept to your Stellar account adds an additional 0.5 XLM to the network reserve. 

To remove an asset and reduce the network reserve for your account by 0.5 XLM, open the 'Accept assets' tab and click on 'Remove asset' next to the unwanted one.

Note: Asset can be removed when its balance is at zero.


StellarTerm does not endorse any asset on the Stellar network. Asset "listings" on StellarTerm are not endorsements. StellarTerm is a software client only and does not conduct any independent diligence or review of any asset. 

If you have any questions about something not covered here, please email us at

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